Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stranded in Beautiful Calliope for 2 weeks!

Gold Coast to Gladstone:

The first little leg of the journey has taken us slowly up to Gladstone where we spent an extended stay of 2 weeks at Calliope due to needing a new axle etc (wheel bearings!) about 1km out of the camp ground.  We made our grand re-entrance to the camp ground dragging the camper on one wheel.  We ended up at this great spot for 2 weeks in total waiting for parts etc

Funny how things go though, we got to know all the neighbours and met some amazing people in our time here so it was worth the $500 repair bill!  I promise to blog soon about some of the people we have met on our travels but for now I have limited access to the net so will leave you with a few pics of the Calliope river.

Great free camp spot with loos and you can camp right on the river.  There is a cafe & historical village over the bridge on the high side and its only about 15km from Gladstone.

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