Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Fixed Abode…

Well I have gone off facebook jumped on eBay lately for a very good reason:  I have decided to get off my computer and get out there.  EVERYTHING has been put on ebay, the new (very old) camper trailer has been purchased and we are about to hit the road for a year.  I think this could be the best (fingers crossed) thing we ever did.  I am not even keeping anything in storage, just getting rid of everything and going to check out what this country has to offer.  Fortunately I have still got the camera at this point so my plan is to photograph everything I see.  I want to see the real Australia in all its diversity and I'll be sharing these pics with you along my travels. If you're anything like me you would have traveled up and down the east coast, maybe toowoomba, a couple of the islands and thats about it.   

I'll leave you with a few of my latest pics from Moreton Island & Brisbane

Couple about to go snorkelling at Moreton Island

4WD Territory

Blue Lagoon

Moreton shipwreck at dusk

Sunset heading back to brisbane

Brisbane industrial area

Stormy day at Moreton

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