Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bush Rangers & Benalla

Benalla seemed like a great little stop over on the way from Bright to Melbourne and we weren't disappointed.  Benalla is widely regarded as the 'Home of Ned Kelly'  so we had to go and visit the museum which also happens to be the information centre.  We just wouldn't be Kelly's if we didn't!  We also visited nearby Glenrowan where you can see the 'Big Ned Kelly'.

Wanted poster at Benalla Museum - vintage action with vignette added
We were really lucky to be in town the weekend of the "Benalla Festival" with fireworks and live music on Saturday night.  The kids loved it and we had a blast there.   I got to play with some night shots (always a favorite for me) and a few different perspectives.

Bridge at Benalla lit up for festival


A different focal point made this image interesting I thought

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