Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is this month!

I know there are the people that hate Christmas - the shops, the crowds but I am one of those people who buys their gifts 6 months in advance and avoids the busy times at the shops over Christmas in favour of free activities for the kids and Christmas lights!  I love love love Christmas!

We went to see the Christmas lights near us last night and they were amazing.  I got talking to one of the people who put some up and she said to me "It's so hard to take good pictures of the lights"  To which I replied  "It depends what you're after."  This got me thinking about what you could do with the lights without all your gear and just a DSLR camera and basic lens even if you didn't have your tripod handy.  If you are planning to go see the lights though do take your tripod but remember to take some pics without as well for some fantastic fun abstracts.  If you find some lights and didn't bring the tripod don't let that stop you from playing with long shutter speeds!

Here are some images taken last night:

Black and white coversion, slight crop, watermark added thats all.  Taken without Tripod.

Slight crop nothing else apart from watermark - taken wothout Tripod

Slight crop.  Watermarked.  Taken with Tripod.

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