Sunday, November 7, 2010

Light trails & abstracts

I have a lot on my mind this week and haven't been getting a lot of sleep but that makes me quite productive in the post editing department!

Had a great Sunday afternoon/evening chilling out at Burleigh beach watching people fire twirling & my kids dancing to the beat of the drums.  The smell of was incense in the air and it was nice not to have to grab a jumper or rain coat!  Days like this make me love living on the Gold Coast.  The kids had a blast as well, and of course I had my camera and a few ops for some interesting fire twirling light trails.  All that and it was only a few k's from home.

Fire twirler at Burleigh beach

This pic above was taken hand held, and on bulb setting with one eye watching the twirler so I could see when I wanted to close the shutter!  Was a bit of fun experimentation for me.  This one was one of my faves.  The guy twirling here was extremely fast.

I like to get out without my tripod now and then to see what I can do - after all a lot of places are not allowing tripods these days so we can't always have it with us.  Also when there are crowds it can be a problem.

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