Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A bird on the beach

I have been getting back to nature in Tassie lately and have been dished out some great wildlife photo ops. The shore birds fascinate me as they nest on the ground in the dunes. They seem so fragile there!

I visited my beautiful Oystercatcher who had laid eggs again to find the eggs had hatched into 2 beautiful chicks! Of course I had to do one more blog to share the images with you.

Note the difference where I never used a pl filter in bottom image as a test. I much prefer the top image without the shine on the black feathers.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Merry Tassie Christmas...

I have to put up this little post to say Merry Christmas to all my followers, family and friends!  We will have Christmas in Tasmania this year at The Bay of Fires.  There is no "Shopping mall" here so I found myself doing Christmas present shopping at this great little place called "The Shop in the Bush"  where they have loads of souvenirs, old & rare books and collectables.  I have to say if there were a shopping centre I may not have found this charming little place so I am very glad there isn't!

The Shop in the Bush - St Helens

After wandering around the saturday markets we also stumbled on a santa at the IGA who was very patient being bombarded with my kids numerous Christmas wishes.  Merry Christmas everyone!

From the "Kellybillies"  xx

Kids with the IGA Santa

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Summer landscapes in Tasmania

Tasmania is amazing.  I am still blown away by the abundance of wildlife and constantly changing weather!  I am presented with fantastic photography opportunities wherever I look.  So far we have traveled from Devonport - Launceston - East coast and the Bay of Fires.  I like Devonport, really like Launceston but LOVE the Bay of Fires.  Apart from the abundance of free camps here there are so many unspoilt beaches and plenty of birds and other animals around.  The weather is great, the temperatures are even better, I can see why all the grey nomads migrate here every year.

Here are a few of my fave landscape images of Tassie so far…

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, Devonport 
Shelly Beach, Scamander

Swimcart Beach, Bay of Fires

The Gardens, Bay of fires