Friday, December 17, 2010

Mac Vs PC

This is a very quick blog as I have not had too much internet time this week due to the home internet being down with "network problems".

I have been thinking a lot about the PC versus Mac debate since changing over this year from PC to Mac and having used both quite a bit. The reason I made the change - I do a lot of photography/design work.
I am talking about Desktops here as Laptops are generally not the best for photography/design work.

Reasons to stick to PC:
  • You do a lot of Ebay and need Turbo Lister (there is no Mac turbo lister however you can get Garage sale for mac at a cost)  This has really annoyed me since having the Mac.
  • They are cheaper.
  • You are really used to using a PC and don't want to learn a new platform.
  • You don't want to change your software over from PC to Mac due to expense etc.
Reasons to go to Mac:
  • So much easier to download fonts/actions etc for design/photography work
  • The mouse can move from side to side as well as up and down which is fantastic for scanning around an image quickly in Photoshop.
  • Macs crash less.  Maybe even never.  Ask anyone.  Mine will slow down when I am doing a lot at once but never crashes.
  • I-macs are compact which is a plus.
I absolutely love my i-mac and for design work it is fantastic. 

Main things I love about it are:
  • The screen is fantastic size/colours/brightness
  • Makes Adobe very easy to use
  • Doesn't crash
  • The mouse is fantastic
  • The search tool in the finder window where you can search your mac for any file really easily
  • Really easy to get photos off devices like i-phone, camera etc
The main things that have annoyed me though are here:
  • No turbo lister for mac.
  • It comes with a compact keyboard which only have numbers on the top bar (I changed mine).
  • The mouse batteries go fairly quickly.
  • Safari crashes more often.
  • The CD slot swallowed my SD card as they are very close together on the side - oops!
So this is my little wrap up, comments on this topic are welcome!


  1. HI Simonne,
    Interesting blog - I have just gone the opposite way from mac to PC. I have found value for money is a lot better especially if you really go to the top end of things for what you can get in a pc compared to a mac for the same price is very different. I also have better graphics, and it is much faster with multiple programs running and processing happening, my favourite option is the fact that with a Terabyte of hard drive I have it split in four so I have no concerns of losing my photos. I think it is totally a personal thing and mine is very convenient for me as I am able to get programs much easier.
    Mac - PC like Nikon - Canon (NIKON wins lol) and Holden - Ford (Holden hands down haha)

  2. Thanks Aleisha for comment :) Yeah I am almost thinking that pc to mac is about 50/50 depending hey. I mainly bought mine initially due to doing graphic design and being told by my teachers I'd need to use one eventually as they are pretty much industry standard. My laptop (well ok Trents laptop haha) is still a PC and has served us well also. You are making me wish I'd bought the TB mac now though! :)