Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Holiday Funnies

Well I'm sure it has been done before but here is they don't call it the silly season for nothing…most of them I thought up while bored and recovering from the recent op...

The basics:

  • Depth of Field = how hard you think
  • ISO = how hypo you are
  • Aperture = how open your mind is
  • Shutter speed = how fast you can talk
  • Flash = you don't wanna know
  • Focus = what you don't have after a few beers
  • Tripod = something cool that makes people think you work for the paper
  • Noise = the sound when you turn the camera on to video mode
  • "M" mode = when you push all the buttons at once and see what happens
  • "P" mode = professional
  • "A" mode = awesome
  • Photoshop = the k-mart processing lab