Sunday, October 10, 2010

Props Galore

Well I am on the lookout at the moment for props!  Portraiture props actually.  I am the creative type so love to make my own headbands, hats etc but lately I have become rather interested in all things vintage.  Off to Better Buys Southport I went today to find some genuine vintage things.  Not a lot in the budget but this place was great.  You could really spend time in there on a rainy day like today!  I ended up picking up  a couple of cheap funky vintage items and am very happy with them.  (You will see them soon popping up in my portraits).  I had been to the usual lifeline type shops earlier in the week and found a couple of things but really had to sort through a lot of junk to get them.

Then I went digging through the cupboards to see what I already had.  I found "Big Ted" the teddy mum bought for me when I was 1, who is still wearing the VERY 70's brown/orange overalls my grandma made for him.  2 very cute minky blankets, and the baby blanky my nana made for me when I was born.  Not a bad loot!

The idea I have is to have two areas of props - some nice vintage things and some bright, funky things so I can vary the photos a bit.  I get bored easily (the reason I don't have a tattoo) so this should keep me occupied for the next little while.

I have a few people lined up to photograph in the next couple of weeks so I hope this weather starts to clear a bit.

Image below taken at Bond University,  Props: some balloons and the pettiskirt that I picked up from ebay.  Then to give the vintage look It was desaturated and a texture put over the top in photoshop.  

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  1. Fantastic - I did the same thing today it's amazing what you can pick up! I need to make an area just to keep all my "props"