Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photography thrills

It was quite exciting to get a newsletter today from Swell Sculpture Festival featuring a photo I took there.  Always a bit of a thrill to see your work somewhere being appreciated.  Funny the sculpture was by  "Shelly Kelly" and the pic was by me "Simonne Kelly"  No we're not related haha.

I am also feeling quite upbeat about the coming weeks where I have a couple of cute kids/family shoots to do and have been thinking about locations/props etc in advance.   I love kids shoots because kids are so honest with their expressions plus it's so much FUN!  

I am thinking my camera and I need some time together this week for sure - I have a few fun filters I want to try out.  Think the flu is starting to subside thankfully have just been left with the grandpa cough and wheeze now lol sounds worse than it is.  

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