Thursday, January 19, 2012

Convicts Kids?

Here I sit in the old tatty 1987 annex of the camper using my iPhone as a modem for internet on my iMac via bluetooth.  It has a very odd feeling about it.

We have just left the town of Nubeena where we were camped nice and close to Port Arthur.  The best thing about staying locally over a couple of days is you get a second day free at Port Arthur so we were able to cover half on the first day and then the rest on day 2.  Included was a boat trip around the islands & out to the sea port, a very informative guided tour, plays depicting the life of a convict and craft for the kids.  My kids got to make their own convict brick and a peg doll each - they were thrilled!  They also have a little hunt where the kids have to find certain animals around the place and tick them off a map.

It gave you an idea of what convict life must have been like and I was mortified to hear that from the age of 7 a child could be tried as an adult and sent to be a convict.  Before laws were put in place if you were from a poor family your child would be sent to work from the age of 5.  My Charli is almost 6!  Of course there were some great photo ops but I mainly did close ups due to the very overcast skies on both days we were there.

My kids doing their best convict poses 

Old fire place

Bumble Bee!

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