Friday, September 9, 2011


About 30km north of Townsville is a great free camp at Bluewater where we stayed a few nights.  On arriving we were informed by one of our fellow campers that there was a snake guarding the wheelie bin and so of course I had to go and have a look with my camera.  One thing to be careful of when photographing a snake?  Other people who decide it would be a good idea to "Nudge" the snake with their foot while your head is inches away from it.  I kid you not. We also found a pretty Blue-Winged Kookaburra and a bunch of cheeky Possums. 

Mum & Dad arrived for a visit the night after we got there and Mum was a bit nervous to hear of the Snake visiting.  The backpackers who slept overnight in the open swag just metres away obviously weren't too worried though!

Cheeky little Possums trying to get into the annex

The wheelie bins were empty…wonder why?

Close up of Snake - anyone know what type of Snake it is?
Ash taking an "ankle dip"  in the fresh water

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