Sunday, August 21, 2011

A fusion of culture

We have been in Townsville 3 weeks now and haven't had a chance to get bored with so much going on.

We have been to Magnetic Island (beautiful), Townsville cultural fest, the strand, riverway pools and a couple of cafes & museums. Loads of photo ops here and heaps to do in winter. Oh & did I mention it's warm?

Magnetic Island was bliss! (don't forget your pl filter)

Charli got to drive the vehicle ferry & honk the horn

The Maritime museum was full of history

The cultural fest was heaps of fun and great for kids (not to mention photos) here are some more fave pics.

It was really interesting using whatever lighting I found on the night.

If you go to a Festival try playing with motion blurring as well as motion freezing. Also play with white balance as different lights give off different hues.

I like my 18-200mm lens for festivals as you often have difficulty getting close to a subject.



  1. Great photos from the Cultural Festival Simonne

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! Look forward to seeing more pics!